September 17th 2014

Why is it that I can say I love cereals




and even the weather,

but I cannot say that I love you?

If I told you I loved the universe,

would you understand that I love you too?

I believe you would-

that’s what scares me. 

September 14, 2014

So many smiles and opening doors-

for me?

How odd. 

Unreciprocated feelings

are everywhere. 

Everywhere except you. 

I only want you.

Please want me too. 

You Make Me Feel Alive

I just want to talk to you. 

Wrap my arms around you

and call you mine. 

You be mine,

and I’ll be yours. 

I’ve never been anyone’s,

but I’d like to be yours. 

Please let me be yours. 

I’m falling so hard for you.

I never really realized what home was

until I looked into your eyes

and saw into you for the first time. 

Because even just your presence

makes me feel at ease. 

We Work Well Together

I used to measure my time

in test days,

dance classes, 

and how many days were left until the weekend.

I’ve found that lately

none of these methods work.


Instead I measure the days and weeks,

by whenever I have a conversation

with you.

You’re my favorite part of the day. 

you apologize.
the words flood out
faster than the waterfall
Catherine and Henry created.
but if only you knew
I was not looking at you out of
I am simply transfixed by you
and how your words come out.

August 30, 2014

Out of all the bad in this world,
why do so many people
choose to reject and punish others
for loving someone?

Believe it or not-
none of us have really changed.
But I guess
none of you would realize that
none of you talk
to each other anymore.

I hate how you looked
straight through me
when I needed your glance
the most.


I tried to rub the ache away
but then I discovered it was
below my bones.
The ache was brought on
by the pain of my thoughts and soul.
I’m so tired.